Mã sản phẩm: WY950

VAN ĐIỀU KHIỂN SERIES 9000: là van điều khiển khí nén dạng màng (lò xo) áp lực cao Wyeco series 9000. Kết nối mặt bích, vật liệu thép carbon và thép không gỉ.

Nhà cung cấp: WYECO
Xuất xứ: Đài Loan
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 VAN ĐIỀU KHIỂN WY-950/ Wyeco series 9000

- Heavy-duty service for high pressure process.

- End Connection : Mainly Flange

- Body Material : Carbon steel, Stainless Steel series.

- Provide Single-seat, Port-guided & Cage-guided, Balanced or Unbalanced globe valve.

- Multiple trim characteristic selections to suit variety application which are Linear, Equal Percentage.

- Trim options include low-noise and anti-cavitation.

- Trim type : Multi-hole cage , Multi-hole Cage with diffuser & 2-Stage. Pilot type is optional, etc.

- Packing : Braid

- Multi-spring diaphragm actuator.

- Tight shut off with choice of seat materials for class Ⅳ.Ⅴ.Ⅵ. Base on FCI 70-2-2006.

- Self-adjusting, live-loaded PTFE-ring or graphite stuffing box.

- Rating : JIS10K-30K ; ANSI 150-600LB ; DIN PN16-40

- Size : IEC 2”.3”.4”.6”.8” .10”